Monday, May 21, 2007

Hip Hip Horray!!!

Mommy and Daddy got married Saturday!!!! Here are a couple of pictures. Now that mommy is not wedding planning all of the time, she is going to help us post more.

All pictures taken by sjmackey photography.

We are a little miffed that cinnamon got to go but we did not. Freddie says it's because I get to excited and forget my manners.

Mommy works for the Blues and this is one of their favorite pictures.

Here is a picture that someone made to decorate mommy's office. They know her love of pugs.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Holiday Update

Mommy lost our digital camera, so there will be no new pictures, until she finds it. She is going to tear the house apart on Saturday and see if she can find it. We have volunteered to help tear the house about. Pugs are good at that.

Santa came and visited last week, Santa rocks!

I got a new bed that share with Fredbird, a whole bag of greenies for me, a huge water feeder, a new rope and a bunch of treats.

Freddie got a new collar, a new pink coat, a food bowl, and a pig.

Freddie wore her black satin dress for Christmas with her pearl collar. Mama Shirley said that she looked like barbara bush.

Happy New Year!

Pictures to come.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
Despite what others might say I have been a really good boy this year. I would like the following.

pig toy
larger feeder
pup tarts

Thanks for your consideration.


Dear Santa,
It is my second Christmas with my family, I am glad that I got a new family, but Samson is crazy as you know. He licks my ears, bites my legs, steals my toys and treats. He's is really a pain. For Christmas I would like the following.

fluffy furry bed
any clothes with fur
a fluffy bed pillow of my own
pink collar
anything that Merrylog has, she is sooo lucky.
a new brother or sister please!! You've seen Samson.

Much love and respect.

Queen Freddie Rene

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sad News

We are sad to announce that our grandma's dog Uncle Tater has died. He was old and wise and not real sure of all of us youngin pugs, but will surely be missed. His Brother Uncle Roger is doing okay considering. Our sister Meow Meow may go live with Grandma to keep him company.

Samson and Freddie

Monday, October 16, 2006

I am an excellent pug

Greetings all!
Sorry I have not posted in a while, my secretary (mommy) is in grad school and is very busy.

We took pictures yesterday and here are a couple of the proofs for your enjoyment.

I promise to post soon, but posing for photos wears me out.

Snarf you later,


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Hello all!
Thanks for all of your thoughts on what to call Freddie's day. They are alot better than the anniversary of the night mommy, daddy and Rene went to a not so nice part of the city to rescue Freddie from the people that kept her in a cat carrier all day and never brushed, bathed or trimmed her nails day. Besides thats a mouthful.

Mommy's laptop crashed, so she is having to hijack daddy's computer these days. Luckily she was able to get most of our pictures of us off of the old laptop so it is not a total loss.

Not much going on here, it's been very hot so we don't get to play outside a whole lot. We went to Petsmart a couple of weeks ago, it was awesome. We now have rules when we go to petsmart, because the time before last I got too excited and jumped out of the car without mommy or daddy and ran across the parking lot. Mommy cried. Freddie says it was because I scared mommy badly. I think it was because Freddie had an accident in the store. Mommies are odd you know.

I still am not happy with the Frontline commercial people. I do not have fleas, I am not dirty, I am a PUG!

Oh gotta go! Mommy just turned on the shower, hopefully she didn't get the door closed all of the way and I can get in too.

Snarf you later.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What do we call it?

At the end of August we will have had Fredbird for 1 year. We celebrate my birthday, but do not know when Fred's is due to the rescue thingy. Mommy is going Freddie a get a present like I got for my birthday, but what do we call the day? Forever home anniversary? Please help. I want Freddie to have a special day too.

Snarf you later,

Shh don't tell Freddie.... Here is what mommy is getting Freddie for her day. We saw it on Meredith's site, she has everything! I think she should get to wear it for the wedding as well.